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Trentillium is a premier online reputation management company designed to enhance and push for creative digital solutions for various brands and businesses.



It’s not “doing” social media – it’s understanding social media. Others will offer a couple of services on a couple of networks. That’s great, but we do everything under the sun – in fact, we offer almost 50 services on all of the popular social networks.


We are able to do this because we inherently understand how social media users think and interact with brands. That knowledge means noticeable improvement in terms of engagement and traffic for you, the client. (We didn’t grow our client base by delivering mediocrity – that’s for sure.)

Become a Youtube Celebrity! Reviews? Recommendations? Likes? More business? 


We make negative content in search results virtually invisible by pushing it out of sight and promoting what’s positive.


We protect your brand from libelous statements made online by building a buffer against attacks to constantly protect your reputation.


We can permanently remove content created by "doxing".

We can mitigate any smear campaigns and provide alternative solutions to prevent further damage. 


We create customized logos, brand styles, articles, press releases, videos, copyrighting, images, sounds, and animations. 

Proofing of Private Labels (i.e. registering trademark, Amazon Seller) 

Users will gladly spread word of your product or service when they know they’ll get an added perk with a customized referral program. 

Paid Social Advertising using advanced strategies and techniques with high power software. 

Controversy and Social Influencers. 


Let's talk about how we can work together to fix your online reputation conducted by an expert tailored to your specific case.


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